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10 Reasons Why you Should Migrate your Blogspot Domain to a Custom Domain

Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world. They offer their users a free domain name ( which they can use for life without renewing it.
First of all, looking at that domain name above doesn't look healthy, I guess you're about to throw up right? A lot of bloggers have settled for the free domain given to them and they don't even have plans on migrating to a custom domain.

Reasons Why you Should Consider Buying a Custom Domain.

1. Makes you Look Professional
Looking at the domain name in the beginning of this post ( Imagine you were going to grade that domain with ( which will score the highest.
If it were I, the Blogspot domain will probably get a 10% which the custom domain will bang 99%. Why this? By just looking at the Blogspot domain it automatically says a lot of things about the blog. Your audience will be like "he is not a serious blogger", he can't even use his money to buy a custom domain so why trust anything he says". Am talking from what I have seen and heard.

2. It Shows Commitment
Like I said in the previous reason about looking professional, it also shows that you are committed to what you're doing which, which is trying to give the best information to your audience and believe me people love that feeling that they believe they are getting the maximum information.

3. It is Very Affordable
Blogging on blogger automatically means that you will save a bunch of money because you wouldn't have to host your blog again. It's already hosted on the google blogger platform.
There are places you can get really cheap domain names for even $0.99 dollars like 1&1.
I also recommend Godaddy and Namecheap, they are one of the most common and reliable when it comes to domain registration.
If you have quite a budget and you need something of top quality you can choose between Bluehost or Hostgator those are also good but know more for web hosting rather than domain registration.
I recommend any of these depending on your budget.

4. Easy to Recall your URL
Do you know that statistics shows that blog with longer URL tends to receive low traffic? Reason has been that it's usually very difficult for people to remember and pop-in their URL, they might just be getting referral traffic from social media and maybe search engine.
Imagine a blog with a URL like
You can see how long the URL is plus the addition of the has made the situation worse.
So you can save your URL the stress of carrying that on it.

5. Increases Search Engine Ranking
I have heard a lot about these and I believe it's real. How many times have you search for anything and I the first page of google and you see a domain?  Rarely right. Is it because of those with that Blogspot domain aren't writing and releasing useful information? No. 
It's just that google sees those blogs as not been serious, and I have noticed that even if the domain authority of a Blogspot URL is usually high, they still perform badly in SEO.

6. Having your Files BackedUp
Do you know that google has the right to delete any blog that the feel is violating their policy?
That is a major risk your blog on Blogspot is facing, in case it is deleted your works cannot be retrieved. But if you are using a custom domain like Bluehost, you will have the option to backup your files to their servers in case anything goes wrong.
And you can restore it on a new host with that same domain without losing your ranking.

7. Increases Chances of been Accepted to Advertisers Network
I have seen a lot of cases where advertisers don't even allow blogs on Blogspot to apply, For example, BuySell Ads stated it clearly in their publisher's signup page that blogs with host platform like Or should not even apply for they program. 
Even doesn't approve blogs with host platforms. So why reduce and limit yourself. Also with Adsense, if you get approved with a Blogspot domain, in order to show ads on your custom domain you will have to apply and pass through another series of application. But when using a custom domain, your URL already speakers for you to the advertisers that you are worth accepting into the program.

8. Increases Shares on Social Media
I have rarely seen a blog on Blogspot go viral. just because people don't see the blog as serious, so they just get the information they want if it's availably and bounce out. They will never share your content to their social account. Except the blog provided them with a real unique content before they can consider sharing. Planning to go viral? get a custom domain.

9. Increases Lead
This is the way we bloggers can monetize our blogs, by generating leads.
It's very difficult for a blog on to generate the maximum lead, unlike a blog with a custom domain because of the following reasons above.

10. Increases E-mail Subscribers
This and *8 (Increases shares on social media)  are similar for a blog with a Blogspot domain, people find it very difficult to subscribe. As they feel there is no need, maybe they will be thinking that your not a serious blogger and they believe that they won't have a reason to come back to your blog.

After reading this and you still believe there is no need to buy a custom domain, then let me know below, also if you feel I was helpful and you have questions, you can ask me below.
Don't forget to play your part by sharing with your friends on social media.


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