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How to Create a Static Homepage in Blogger

For some reasons, you would not want your default homepage ( to be your homepage. Your homepage can simply be the first page that comes up when someone pops in your URL in a browser.
Normally, your homepage is usually your Blog URL, But for some reasons like maybe, trying to promote an event, wanting a particular post to show to people first, letting people know about you first(About page) etc.

There are a lot of reasons why you can decide to change your default homepage by performing a simple custom redirect to another page or post.
A company also prefers to use this static pages due to the fact that they either do not blog regularly or they do not blog at all, so they use a static page to tell audience maybe their location or simply vital information they need to convey.

Creating your Static Homepage
Here you would need to create the static homepage . as I said earlier, you can either use a post or a page as your static homepage. So, I will assume you already have the page or post already created, if not you should go and create the page, In the Page title choose the name of the page you would want to use and under the content write the useful article you would want people to see first when they visit your blog. Let's assume you named your Home.

It's time to initiate the custom redirect to the page we created above. Navigate to settings then search preference,

Under Error and redirections, Locate custom redirects and click on edit. Then select the From and To like in the image below

From would always be your blog URL so you will need to change To. You input the new URL they will be redirected to in your To.
Now save changes.

From now on anyone that inputs your URL will automatically be redirected to your new post or page.

I believe I was helpful, and may I know the reason you may need to redirect to a static page in the comment blow so to enable me to expand my knowledge on why people want to.
You can share with your friends if I was helpful.

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  1. Yes your blog post was very useful. My sister is young and she wanted to start blogging and i believe your blog is going to assist her with her blogger page


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