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How to Get a Business Email Address for Free

There is no good reason to turn down the application of a free business email. When I say a business email I mean a custom Email address with your domain name. For Example, if you own a domain name like mine you will be able to get an Email address like
This is a personalised email that makes you stand out when reaching out to your audience or when you are trying to get reached out to. There are different ways in which you can get a professional email address, For example, by hosting your domain on companies like Bluehost or Hostgator, you are most entitled to a free custom email address.
But for those of you on blogger, which you would only have to buy a domain name, you will probably not get a free email address.

You must have discovered that most affiliate marketing website like Shareasale automatically turns do the request of an applicant, who either applied through a Gmail or yahoo mail. 
So they actually doubt that you own the website because you have no means of identification that the domain name belongs to you, the only way you can do so is to apply with a custom email address with your own domain name which signifies that you own the domain and can further increase your chances of been accepted into the program.
Am going to show you how to get a free business email with Zoho.
Zoho is am email marketing company just like yahoo mail and google mail. But they are just a group of individuals who understand what the people need and decided to give it to them for free. 
Google also offers you a business email, but you will need to pay a sum of $25 monthly when you can use Zoho to get it for free.

Setting Up your Free Business Email Address

You will need to bead over to Zoho official website. Then in the top right corner of the website, there is a signup button.
Select business email and sign up. There will be a pricing for the emails but there is a free personalised email address for only a total space of 250mb which should be enough to store your business mail, select the free mail.
Then you will need to sign up like you do for any other email address, you will be asked to provide a working phone number which would be used for your email confirmation.\
After successful confirmation and creation of the email. You will have to verify that the domain name belongs to you, just follow the steps on their website to choose you domain registrar and they will guide you through the steps on how to verify your domain through the CNAME or TXT.

After a successful verification you will now be taken to your email dashboard, but at that time you will be able to send emails but won't be able to receive. 
So you will have to do a final verification and an MX domain pingback verification, by placing some MX host information from Zoho on your domain DNS.
After successful placement, you would now be able to receive and send emails with free business email.

It's your turn
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