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Top Alternatives to DropBox for Cloud Storage

There hasn't been a large demand for cloud storage not on till now. We have gotten to the age of where you can store your information on a 3rd Party Cloud storage and be assured of maximum protection for your information.
Talking about Drop Box it is on of the biggest cloud storage of their time, Drop box have grow with time to be worth over $10 billion. Their reliabilty and convinence for their users have been really good.
But the only problem people have with drop box is that they only offer their free users only 2GB of data in cloud storage which is very low compared to the amount of information we want to store online with cloud storage.
Thats why a lot have us have started switching to dropbox alternatives, and after the hack some time ago that really made a lot of their users to look gfor where else to secure their information online.
So here is the list of the dropbox alternatives which i complied for you;


This is my best when it comes to cloud storage. Google drive is a Google INC own based company.
They offer their users 15GB of cloud storage which comprises of your Gmail, Google+ Photos etc. This is for free users, that is the 15GB which you get for free is for every email address you have on google.
And you can Auto sync your information to your cloud storage automatically.

2.  BOX

This is also a leading company in cloud storage and another good alternative to dropbox.
They offer 10 GB of free data on signup, the also run an interesting affiliate program which can see your storage increased to 16GB if you refer someone.
But out of the 10GB, you can only share data worth of 250MB.


It also a cloud hosting which also gives you an initial 15GB on start up.
It is Microsoft own cloud storage and you should expect it to be top class.They also perform Auto sync from your windows phone to your One Drive account.

4.  COPY

This cloud storage can boost of top level privacy of their user's information. Copy accounts allow their users 15GB. Which can be used for storing every single information.
And their users have the ability to recover their deleted files within 30 days. Not every cloud storage company offers that.


This is owned and managed by Amazon Inc. This gives their users 5GB free of cloud storage for data and unlimited storage for photos only.
One nice feature of amazon drive is that it automatically backs up your photo to the drive without you initiating it, so even if your phone is stolen or damaged you can get all your photos from your drive.


It's one of the cloud storage that doesn't offer their users a free account instead they give you 90 days free, after that you will be billed depending on the plan than that you want.
It allows you share files and manage your files with your smartphones.


Cloudme is another good dropbox alternative that’s worth mentioning, it has as many features as the ones listed here and lets you get access to 3GB of free cloud storage space that can be increased by referring new users.


pCloud is one of the known cloud storage systems out there. It does the functions and has the features of all standard cloud service. It helps you store files, photos, and media on their server.
pCloud can run on all operating systems.
pCloud premium plans are also very budget friendly and deliver better quality than most competing services. There’s a pCloud app for all popular operating system (OS) and platforms.


SpiderOak provides 2 GB of space for free and 100 GB for a cost of $10.00 per month. SpiderOak promises a secure backup system. Users will never need to worry about losing a file again.
Their platform is user-friendly and it is easily accessible.


Team Drive provides its users with 10 GB of storage space for no cost. Team Drive allows users to sync data between computers with ease. Users can also share music, documents, images, or folders with others.
TeamDrive software and apps readily integrate with other office utility apps and programs to give you the best office experience on the cloud.


This is a service that offers you private cloud system. You can send secure encrypted files and documents even as you get to sync them.
Tresorit effectively takes maintains their user's security. It is a good alternative to Dropbox and highly rated platform

If you have any additions to the list you can do that Via the comment section. And don't forget to share with your friends.


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