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How to Place Google AdSense below Post title in Blogger

For those of us who blog under blogger, you would have noticed that is not easy to place google ads on your blog especially if it not in a targeted location in the gadget.
You would have been finding it difficult to place AdSense in your post or directly below you post title. If you would really want to increase your CTR in AdSense you must try to experiment with a lot of ad unit and see which one is going to work best for you and increase your conversion rate.
Statistics show that ads in post content converse more than any other ad unit placed on your blog, that is, the Ads that are shown in the content of the post tend to get more click than any other ads unit in the blog.
But unfortunately adding AdSense below post title in content cannot be done by just adding the ad code the in gadget, Not untill recent that some template developers have staarted giving their users that option, so you would not have temper with the HTML code.
But since not all templates allows that, i will show you how you can add adsense directly below post title, we will work on adding a 336 x 280 Ad unit on your blog;

1.  Login to your AdSense Account

2.  In the drop down menu, Click on My Ads > Create New Ad unit.

3.  Name the ad what ever you like and don't forget we are working with a 336 x 280 Ad unit. So select that and customise the collour to suit your blog.

4.  Then get the code and copy and paste it HERE. It will convert your code to XML formart.

5,  Then in a New tab on your PC Login  Blogger..

6. Then Navigate to template, then edit template. BackUp you template before proceed

7.  You will need to use CTRL+F to find this code
8. You will notice that your template has more than one of that code above, I strongly recommend you to try the second or third as the have proven to work on most cases. Mine worked at third.
NB; You can use try and error to find out which works for you.

9.  Just directly above <data:post.body/>

10. Place the following
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>


11. Replace YOUR AD CODE HERE with the code you have converted.

By default, the Ad will be at the left of you blog post. To place it at the center use the following code

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<div align="center">

Don't forget to keep on trying till you find the <data:post.body/>  that works for you.

Then Save the template and Visit you blog. Drop you testimonies and issues below. And dont forget to share with your friesnds.

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