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How to link your Google AdSense with Google Analytics

Linking your google Adsense account with your google analytics can be very useful. You can get the exact statistics of the ads running on your blog.
You also get the stats on the AdSense dashboard, but they are not well detailed like those of google analytics. You can even get the location at which most of your ads are clicked.
And at time google Adsense might take a while before they update your stats whereas analytics does the job faster.

How to Link your Google Adsense with Analytics

1. First Login your Analytics Account

2.  In the drop down menu > Locate Admin

3. In your admin page, Locate Property > product linking > Adsense linking

4. Then New Adsense Link > select the account that is associated with the google Adsense account.

5. Save and wait for some time to see life traffic tracking of your ad banners.

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