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How to Redirect your 404 Error Pages in Blogger

I was wondering if you have ever stumbled upon a page with 404 error? Ikr, that can be really annoying, especially when you think the web page you are trying to access has a relevant solution to your problem.
What actually inspired me to write this post was when I visited the developer of the template I bought, I tried to access the documentation of my template, but I was stuck with the 404 error. So I immediately emailed them out of anger and told them to correct the link immediately, and surely the did.
I hope you got the point I was trying to make. Even in your own blog, you will notice some 404 errors.
Imagine you were seeking solution for a problem and stumble upon an error 404 you will immediately want to leave the site, wise bloggers quickly makes it possible for them to stay a little longer by redirection the 404 error pages to their homepage, thereby having the potential to gain a new unique visit if he really likes what he sees on your blog.

404 Error Causes
There is only one major cause of 404 error which is that the content or the page you are trying to access no longer exist on the web host. For Example, if you write a post title "Blogging" and you have shared it with your social media and a lot of your friends has also shared it, but after some years you find out that the content is no longer relevant then you delete it. Any other person who is trying to access that page maybe through the link they saw on your social media won't be able to do so and at times google still crawls your 404 error pages which are very bad for your SEO.

How to redirect your 404 Error Pages
There is a simple step to direct those 404 errors to your homepage or any other page on your blog;

1. Login your blogger Account

2. In the drop-down menu click settings > search preference

3. Locate custom page not found > Edit

4. The paste the code below in it;
<h1>Oops 404!</h1>
<br><b>The page you are looking for may have been renamed or does not exist in this server.</b>
<br><br><b>You will be redirected to homepage shortly.</b>
blogger_redirect = setTimeout(function() { location.pathname= "/" }, 3000);
5. Change the 3000 to the number of microseconds it would wait before it redirects then, to make it be instant change the 3000 to 0.

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