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How to Create a Menu with your Labels in Blogger

One of the biggest problem in blogger is not been able to create a simple menu for your blog. Even creating a drop-down menu on blogger is very difficult, you will need to do some customisation on your blog HTML code before you can achieve that.
But with the help of labels on blogger, it is now easy for you to create a menu even a drop-down one. Recent template in blogger has made it east for their users to simply add a menu through the gadget.
This menu will help place your blog in categories, For Example, If someone visits your blog and would want to see a post on let's say 'SEO', they can now see all the posts relating to 'SEO' on your blog.
This will help you categorise your blog and make it easy for your page viewers and also make your blog look professional.

To Get Started
1. Login your Blogger Account > Layout

2. Depending on your template, you will see a gadget that helps you configure your Menu, It can be named anything depends on your template devevopers. And you should note that its always directly below the logo.

3. Click Edit and Configure your link list. Where you see NEW SITE NAME, Input the name of the menu. And where You see NEW SITE URL, Input the URL of the searched label you want to display.

Like this;[YourLabel]
NB You will have to change YourURL to your blog address and YourLabel to the label you want to show.

4. Then save and visit your Blog.

You can do this for as many labels as you like. And it will be displayed in the order of the latest. Don't forget to share with your friends and drop your issues and testimonies.

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