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How to create an image Rollover Effect

A rollover effer is a type of special image effect that changes image on mouseover, that when hoverd upon with your mouse or slightly tourched on your screen touch device it tends to show another image.
Like .gif photos a rollover is one which has only 2 photos in 1.
The rollover effect makes yo  able to explain you self further in just an image.

Hover your mouse on image below

<a href="URL ADDRESS"><img src="YOUR FIRST IMAGE URL" onmouseover="this.src='YOUR SECOND IMAGE URL'" onmouseout="this.src='YOUR FIRST IMAGE URL'" /></a>

Change the following with you url


URL ADDRESS: This should be the url of the photo that when clicked, would be redirected there.

YOUR FIRST IMAGE URL: This is the URL image that will first be visible without been hovered, this is going to be imputed twice.

YOU SECOND IMAGE URL: This is the URL of the image that would be displayed when hoverd.

If its going to be used on a post, don't forget to change to HTML then copy the code and paste it.
It can be used in layout and add a gadget, the copy and paste the code.

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