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How to Add Page Level Ads on blogger

You must have noticed that when you visit a blog in mobile you tend to see a sticky ad below the blog. Which remains there even when you slide up or down the blog. They are called page level Ads, it was brought about to maximise your mobile traffic.

There are two kinds of page level Adsense ads;

2. Vignette Ads; This helps display and ad in full screen whenever some certain links in the blog are clicked

2. Anchor/overlay ads: This is the kind of page level ads I just explained above, where you tend to see a sticky ad below the post, which remains there as you slide up and down.

How to set it up
-- Login to your Adsense Account

--Locate My ads > Page levelAds> the turn both anchor and vignette ads on

-- After turning it on > click on get code

-- Copy the code

-- Now Login your Blogger dashboard > Template >Edit HTML

--Then Use CTRL+F to locate this code
-- NB it's mostly at the beginning of your HTML code

-- Then Paste the code you got from google directly above it.

-- If you get some error while saving your template, just change the beginning of the code with
<script async='async' src=
-- Then save your template and visit your blog on a mobile device with #googleads after your URL. This is just for you to ensure that your ads are active.

This can be used to increase your Adsense earning with your mobile traffic. And it doesn't count with the max number of ad unit on your blog.

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