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How to add Instagram Widget In Blogger

If you are not familiar with Instagram, it's the second world most active social media. They are owned by Facebook.
The way the social media grew is undoubtedly they really have something of quality to give to their users. Instagram hs about a billion download on play store and records over 20 million+ post of both pictures and videos daily.
A lot of small and large business scale owners has taken advantage of the social media to provide a medium of reach out to customers. With they way the media is growing it would really be a nice place to build your brand authority.
As a blogger adding an Instagram widget on the sidebars of your blog will really be a nice idea as you can make your blog viewers connect with you on Instagram, thereby increasing your authority.
They would not only be able to follow you on your blog but will be able to follow you on Instagram and see your recent posts with the help of  Instagram widget.
This will be most effective for fashion and lifestyle bloggers on Blogspot. And due to the fact that people are mostly active on social media they can see when you publish a post and head over to your blog to read it up. It is also a means of gathering your subscribers to get your daily update through social media.
This is a step by step guide on how to place Instagram widget on blogger

1. Head over to the SnapWidget website

2. Create an Account with them > then chose Instagram in your dashboard.

3. Then chose the kind of layout you want > Then create widget

4.Then Input your credentials like your username, description, and edit how you want the widget to be, like in the picture below

5. When your done selecting how you want your widget to click on GET WIDGET.

6. Copy the widget you have generated.

7. Now head over to Blogger > Layout

8. Where you want the widget to be displayed, if sidebar click on ADD GADGET in the sidebars of your blog.

9. In the new windows that will open select HTML/Javascript

10. Then paste the code your copied above here

11. Save the Layout and visit your blog.

Immediately you post a new picture on Instagram it will be automatically shown on the sidebars of your blog.
Share this with your friend who also uses blogger so they can take advantage. And drop your comment below.

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