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How to Get DoFollow BackLink from Comment with DropMyLink

In blogging, you must have found that one of the essential things your blog will need to succeed and rank higher than your opponents is link building.
That's why a lot of people fail to succeed in blogging, you might be seeing other bloggers banging 6 figures every month and you will be wondering what they are doing and what are you simply missing out.
After writing that killer post, you read it on your blog and say to yourself  "this post most rank on every first page for that targeted keyword".
Sometimes it may not even be ranked with the first ten pages for that keyword why? its because you failed in your link building.

Yes, you might have shared it to all the social networks you can think about, also urging your friends and family to share but after all your endeavours, you're not still ranked.
Have you even seen on blogs where they tell you about guest posting for building links and you are like urgh, where can I start from. The more time you waste thinking about that the more traffic = the more money you lose.

Today, I am going show you the secret I used for link building that makes me rank on the first page for my keywords.
Yes good. guest posting is very good for backlinks but how many of those blog owners will give you a do follow comment to your blog. Do you even know how to find blogs that accept a guest post in your niche?
You would also have heard go get yourself a .edu site backlink and you are more confused how to use a .edu site backlinks when nothing related to your blog is about education. I know the DA of those domains are high, but that doesn't mean that if you don't find any .edu site you have failed in link building.

I know a lot would be running through your head right now, but am going to show you how I build my links from commenting on other blogs related to my niche for free with the help of DropMyLink.
Dropmylink is a free online tool which does the searching for link building ways with the comment, guest posting, .edu site search, forums backlinks etc.
It saves you the stress of searching google for the whole day to find blogs with commentluv which support dofollow links in the comment.

Link Building Strategies using DropmyLink
Using dropmylink for link building is the easiest strategy I have seen, here you don't have to comment on thousands of blog whereas only a few are with a dofollow attribute imagine if we comment on thousand of blog with the help of dropmylink to find dofollow comment backlink, your blog would have been on the first page in google search engine for your keywords.

When you Vist the Dropmylink, you would have to register with just your email and your password though it's free.
After registration, you will be able to begin searching for your keywords and find ways to build link either commenting, guest post or .edu site backlink.

Link Building with comment
If you want to search for you niche which is related to "Iphone", all you have to do is input Iphone in the keyword or niche box.
Then search for the category you want since we are building comment link, I select comment backlinks.

In footprint section, i can either select commentluv premium or Do-follow comment. Both of them give a high-quality backlink. Afer that process you will see something like this below
Query: Your Keyword or Niche "This blog uses premium CommentLuv" -"The version of CommentLuv on this site is no longer supported."
Then click search and it will take you to google and show you the blogs that use commentluv and give dofollow backlinks.
You can use the steps to also find keywordluv dofollow comment.

Link Building with Forums
Select the keyword or niche you want to find dofollow links forums at.
Under category select Forum backlink, then in footprint I usually select PhpBB forums, you can use any one you like either ip: board, SMF, phpbb3, VBulletin.
After you will search something like this
Query: iphone "powered by phpbb"

.edu Site link building 
For .edu do follow comment you can just manually search the follow code on google
site:edu inurl:blog “post a comment” “you must be logged in”

For Find Site that Accepts Guest Post 
There are lots of blog with high DA which are looking out for a guest post. So you will need to use dropmylink to locate those site/blog and drop your proposal for a guest post.
After you enter your niche, in the category chose Guest Post
In footprints, there are many ideas like,

 you should just pick one and search and find the right blog that suits you and submit your post.

If you can implement these steps you will see a lot of improvement in your page rank for your keyword. As I said this is my personal link building method, I just decided to share it. So it's up to you to share it with your blogger friend and keep the train going.
Also, drop your comment and testimonies below.


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