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Where to buy a Domain Name cheap in Nigeria

After the ban on the international transaction in Nigerian since September 2016, A lot of bloggers, international marketers has found it very impossible to make the international transaction. We find it difficult to Pay for our web hosting and renewal of our domain names, so we have no choice but to fall back to the Nigeria-based domain registrars in Nigeria to buy a domain.
There are lots of registrars to buy a domain name cheap, buy we want to discuss the cheapest and the most reliable. Firstly, I will assume you all already know what a domain name is, but for the sake of those who don't, i will briefly explain what it means.

What is a Domain name?
A domain name is a unique address which visitors use to locate your website and it distinguishes you from another website. We have different tye of domain extension, .com .org .ng .biz .info .xyz etc. For example, the domain for facebook is  For the sake of this Post, we will be discussing where to buy a domain name cheap and not the meaning of domain name.

Why you should buy a domain from a Nigeria Registrar.
I talked about the international ban Place on our credit cards in Nigeria not to be able to perform an international transaction, this is the major reason why you should buy a domain name from a Nigeria register.

Also, you can Pay in Naira with your debit card, while some registrar accept direct bank deosit meaning you can walk into any local bank and make the transaction and the company will receive it and give you access to your domain so you would worry less about having a dollar account to buy a domain name.

Another major reason is having an extension based in nigeria that is, your COUNTRY CODE TOP LEVEL DOMAIN ie ccTDL. This is beneficial for business based in Nigeria to be able to identify yourself as a Nigeria own organization for examle a .ng
This are TLD that only a Nigeria-based domain registrar can offer you, so if you need a website like  you must register it from a Nigeria-based company

Let us look at where to buy a domain name cheap, Before I give you the list know that most or all domain registrars in Nigeria register their user's domain at the same Price or very small difference.
But am here to talk about where to buy a domain name cheap and reliable in Nigeria.

1. SmartWeb 

2. Web4Africa

3. DomainKing

4. WhogoHost

5. Registeram

I selected this 5 they are the best to buy a domain name cheap and they are the reliable ones I trust.
Be sure to share with your friends and comment it you have any suggestion.

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