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Add Your Signature Below Every Post on Blogger

Have you ever added a text signature or an image signature below the content of your post? And to do that for all your post, you will have to add theme manually after you finish writing each article.
Have you ever wondered if there is a way to automatically add that signature to make every blog post of yours look unique?

If your want to add a signature on your social media posts there are lots of application that helps you do that, and that also goes for WordPress. To add a signature in WordPress should be pretty easy as there are plugins which embed those code below every blog post. Unlike a blogging platform like blogger, we are limited to a lot of this, but for every problem, you face the is a solution for it.
You will just have to edit your HTML to suit that signature that you added and it can even show on an already published post.

Firstly, there are two types of signatures you can use for your blog;
--Image Signature: This is when an image appears after every of your blog post. This can be used for various means of publication it can be a clickable image which redirects to another blog relating to what it's in the image. Or, it can be just your image of your name, just as you signing off.

--Text Signature: This is when you insert a particular text after every post in blogger. This is the most signature popular I have seen. You can use it to link to your product which can generate good leads because every of your post will contain that anchor link below.

How to Add Your Signature Below Every Post
1. You will need to Login to your blogger dashboard

2. Then locate template > edit HTML

3. Use CRTL+F to locate this code
<div class=’post-footer’>
Note: You may find more that one of that code if you do the second works 95% than the first. So I will assume you try the second.

4.  For an Image Signature, you will have to add the URL of the image and paste it directly above the code you just found. Like this,
 <img src="http://yourimageURL.png" border="0" alt="your Image name"/>
Chang yourimageURL with the URL of the image and image name with the name of the photo.

5. For Text Signature; This easy compared to the first. All you have to do is add the anchor text link directly like this directly above The first generated code.
<a href=” ”>The text achor</a>
Change yourURL with the URL of the text Signature you want.

You should have a wonderful and eye catchy signature after that. Let's keep blogging and achieve the unachievable with blogger. Also, play your part by sharing the post if you found it useful.

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