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How to Add Facebook Page Like Widget In Blogger

You would agree with me that Facebook has grown to be the largest social media in the world, with over 1 billion active users.
So it would really be a nice place to get target audience. Imagine how many people use facebook on a daily basis. Won't it be a very nice place target your readers?

But the problem a lot of people face is that they complain of having little or no page likes. So facebook has made it easy for you to add your like button on your blog.
This will enable your page viewers to be able to like your page so anytime you post and update your content they can get it to their facebook account and directly link to your blog to read up the article.
Implementing the facebook like widget on your blog can also increase your number of page likes.
And you can also make the like box sticky in your widget for a better conversation to increase your likes.

Setting Up Your Facebook Like Widget.
1. Firstly, I believe you all has already created your page and has got it running?
If not you can go and set it up.

2. You will need to know your page URL, For example, mine is

3. Then visit their developer's page.

4. Then put your FB page URL, like in the picture below, do the necessary customization, like not showing friend photo, you can increase your width and height if desired.

5. Then click on get code. In the pop-up that will appear next change the code type from javascript SDK to iFrame, Then copy the code.

6. Login your Blogger Account > Layout > then select the position that you want the widget to be in and add the code.

7. Save and visit your blog, you will notice that the widget will be like,

Hope I was helpful, Don't forget to play your part and share it with your friends on facebook.


  1. I have seen your facebook post and I really liked it. Thank you for sharing this post with us. I really liked it. Keep it up.

  2. Yes i agree with you facebook has become the largest social media website. It can be used for any advertisement and to add a widget in a blog is not easy.


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