Friday, 7 July 2017

How to Create your HTML Parser

When it comes to working on blogger, you must know how to use a simple HTML Parser to parse your Ad code. For Example, when advertising with AdSense on your blog on blogger you will need to take some certain steps in orde to make your Ad code work effectively on your blog.
Creating an HTML parser of your own can really be useful especially for Tech blogger who want to convert their Ad code to be able to display Ads on blogger.

Steps On How To Create Your HTML Parser
Firstly, You will need to create a new page for the HTML Parser.
You will head over to your blogger dashboard and create a new page and name it HTML Parser.

Then you will have to copy the following line of code into your blog page, simply switch to HTML on the left top of your blog page and paste the following code inside it;

<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
<br /></div>
<div style="text-align: center;">

<script src=""/></script>

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="width: 500px;"><tbody>
<tr>  <td valign="top" width="500"><textarea cols="70" id="somewhere" rows="13" style="background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% rgb(250, 250, 250); border: 2px solid rgb (204, 204, 204);"></textarea>
<left><input onclick="convert();" type="button" value="Encode" /></left></td>  </tr>
<div style='clear: both;'></div>
<div class='post-footer'>
<div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'><span class='post-timestamp'>

Save your page and view your blog.
You will notice a box and an Encode button. After you paste your code on the box, Click on encode and it will parse your HTML code for you.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Why Blogger page Views Count are Wrong, And how to Fix it

You must have noticed by now that you should not rely on your blogger page count stats, They are far from being accurate.

Google Analytics is by far the best way to track traffic and see your page stats and how each post is performing on the web. Blogger has a lot of problems while reading page counts, you must have noticed that whenever you change your templates to some certain template you will have some difficulties in tracking the number of page views per post on your blog, reason been that those templates actually count everytime you visit your own blog which is not proper.


Some blogger templates especially the free ones counts your visit as 3 - 4 times, which is wrong.
So you will have to change your template or follow this steps I will give you bellow to correct the page views count on blogger stats.

How to Correct the Page Views Count on Blogger
It's just an easy step that you will have to follow to be able to correct the wrong page views count on your blogger stats.
-- Firstly, you will have to log in your blogger dashboard.

-- Then locate STATS, > Overview

--  The click on "manage the tracking of your own page views"

-- You will be redirected to a new tab, then you will have to deselect track my own pageviews.

-- Then save and exit.

You have successfully stopped blogger from tracking your page views on your blogging device.
NB. It will only not track page views that come from any device that your blogger account is logged onto.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

How to Create an Image Slider for Post on Blogger

As you all know images is as good as a well-detailed post. To make your audience understand your post better it might be best to use images more or get a good image slider which can show multiple images in a single layout.

Unlike WordPress, blogger is very difficult to customise like you will have to do some HTML editing before you can achieve a post slider or Image Slideshow widget for blogger.
For this, tutorial we would make use of WowSlider. WowSlider enables you to add different types of good looking slideshow to either your WordPress or blogger blog.
Having a responsive slider in a blogger carousel widget can help you minimise your spaces in that particular blog post, by having multiple images on a single slider which you can add anywhere in your blog post, either in the at the beginning of the post or at the middle or end.

Add Image SlideShow Widget in Blogger Post
Head over to WowSlider Official website, and download the wowslider in the zip format. Then open the software and edit the layout of your post slider.
You will have to edit the slider to desired by adding images you will want to show on your blog post.

After you are done editing, You will have to click publish make sure they are uploaded to your servers, and then you will be redirected to a page where you will be able to see the HTML code of the image slider you just created.

Then Login to your blogger dashboard, then navigate to Template.
You will have to edit the HTML of your blogger by clicking Edit HTML

You will have to paste the code below directly  above your  </head> tag in your blogger HTML file
<!-- Start HEAD section -->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="engine1/style.css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="engine1/jquery.js"></script>
<!-- End HEAD section -->
Then save the template.

You will now have to insert the code into your blog post. In the post menu in blogger, click on create a new post.
Then paste the code that looks like this below int he new blogger post in HTML view.

Publish your post and visit your website.

If you found this article useful, don't forget to share the post with your friends. And if you also encounter any problems while following the steps just comment below and you would be clarified within 24hours.

Monday, 15 May 2017

How to get Approval to ShareASale Affiliate Program

Talking about Affiliate networks that work best for bloggers, you would talk about ShareASale, Commission Junction, Click Bank, AWIN.
Not all of them require an approval process like commission junction you will just have to apply and then you will have access to your account. But that process doesn't work for ShareASale, it will require you to submit a signup request and wait for some time for their them to review your application and either accept or decline your application.

Tips for Quick Approval to ShareASale Affiliate Program
There are lots of factors that determine your registration approval to the network.
Firstly, You will have to head over to ShareASale and apply.
What you will really have to do is just be truthful, because they monitor your site to see if the information that you provided is genuine.
Their team will review your blog and know whether to accept your or not.
There are 5 Steps of applying for the ShareASale affiliate program, and we will guide you through these steps to enable you to get approval easily without ease.

You would have to choose your username, password, and choose your country you live in.
Then move to step 2.

In this step you will have to Input your Primary Affiliate Website, this is the website or the blog you will want to show the merchants product on.
In that step, you will have to make sure that you put a functional website of yours that receives at least 1k traffic daily because one of the major factors in the application for ShareASale is they don't approve blogs having at least 1k views daily.
Under Website Information, you will select the language of the website that you will want to show the merchants products on. Then you tick some short survey question like,

It's preferable if you select NO to all of these questions and then move to Step 3.

This is the crucial part of your application. If you do the wrong thing in this step it could cost you your application. It requires you to input your email address, since ShareASale cannot verify your website by telling you to paste any code on your site so you will have to apply with a business email with your custom domain name, for example,
You can get a free business email address from Zoho, Just make sure that you don't apply with your Gmail or Yahoo mail in this application. Instead, you will just stand yourself been declined again and again. Apply and move on to Step 4.

In this Step, you will have to fill your contact information, make sure you fill the correct information.
Then in the description Box, Tell them a reason why they should accept you into the program, talk about your promotional method and ways you will be able to drive traffic to your affiliate links.
I guess your blog is not incentive so you will click on "MY SITE IS NOY AN INCENTIVE PROGRAM", Meaning that you don't pay to drive traffic to your blog that everything comes organically.

This is the final step where you will have to select your payment method. If you don't want to do that right away you can skip this step and select your payment method you can select Choose Later.
Then Click on Complete Sign Up.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

How to Get a Business Email Address for Free

There is no good reason to turn down the application of a free business email. When I say a business email I mean a custom Email address with your domain name. For Example, if you own a domain name like mine you will be able to get an Email address like
This is a personalised email that makes you stand out when reaching out to your audience or when you are trying to get reached out to. There are different ways in which you can get a professional email address, For example, by hosting your domain on companies like Bluehost or Hostgator, you are most entitled to a free custom email address.
But for those of you on blogger, which you would only have to buy a domain name, you will probably not get a free email address.

You must have discovered that most affiliate marketing website like Shareasale automatically turns do the request of an applicant, who either applied through a Gmail or yahoo mail. 
So they actually doubt that you own the website because you have no means of identification that the domain name belongs to you, the only way you can do so is to apply with a custom email address with your own domain name which signifies that you own the domain and can further increase your chances of been accepted into the program.
Am going to show you how to get a free business email with Zoho.
Zoho is am email marketing company just like yahoo mail and google mail. But they are just a group of individuals who understand what the people need and decided to give it to them for free. 
Google also offers you a business email, but you will need to pay a sum of $25 monthly when you can use Zoho to get it for free.

Setting Up your Free Business Email Address

You will need to bead over to Zoho official website. Then in the top right corner of the website, there is a signup button.
Select business email and sign up. There will be a pricing for the emails but there is a free personalised email address for only a total space of 250mb which should be enough to store your business mail, select the free mail.
Then you will need to sign up like you do for any other email address, you will be asked to provide a working phone number which would be used for your email confirmation.\
After successful confirmation and creation of the email. You will have to verify that the domain name belongs to you, just follow the steps on their website to choose you domain registrar and they will guide you through the steps on how to verify your domain through the CNAME or TXT.

After a successful verification you will now be taken to your email dashboard, but at that time you will be able to send emails but won't be able to receive. 
So you will have to do a final verification and an MX domain pingback verification, by placing some MX host information from Zoho on your domain DNS.
After successful placement, you would now be able to receive and send emails with free business email.

It's your turn
If you found this post useful share with your friends which will also be in need of relevant information like this. Feel free to drop your issues if any in the comment section, and also drop your testimonies.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

6 Causes of Adsense Ads not Showing and how to Fix it

Almost every publisher of the Adsense program must encounter blank ads for a reason on their blog. There are lots of reason why you can have google ads not displaying on your blog.
As we all know that Adsense is one of the best contextual ad networks that we have they boast of sharing thieir profit gotten from the advertisers on a 70% to 30%.
Not only been the best network, they can be very hard to get full approval. You can place your Adsense code anywhere in your blog. I have heard a lot of people complaining about their Adsense ads not showing on their blog, So I compiled 6 causes why you are having blank ads on your blog.

Causes of Adsense Ads not Showing

1. Buying a Custom Domain
This is the major reason why 90% of people have their google ads not displaying. If you got your Adsense approval like a Host platform like Blogger, For example, you got your Adsense approval with ( in other for you to display ads on ( you will have to apply for a Non-hosted account
From the time that you purchased the custom domain, you will continue to see blank ads till google team finish reviewing your site and accepting it, if they reject your blog you will either have to remove the ad code and work on fixing the reason why you were rejected and apply again.

2. The Ad Code was Newly Created
You should have noticed that anytime to generate a new ad code and paste it on your blog, for a while it will show blank ads because the code was newly generated. 
So you will have to wait for some time, close to 30mins -1hr before you start to see like Ads. And if yours is taking a long time you can contact Adsense or Send them a feedback on your Adsense dashboard.

3. Adsense Bot didn't Find relevant Ads for your website
If you are trying to create a new code in google Adsense under backup ads you will see where you chan choose what to display if
The ads that you'd prefer to show when Google has no targeted ads available. By default, we'll show a blank space. However, you can also choose to display ads from another URL or a solid colour instead.
So if Adsense bot doesn't find relevant ads to display to your content it will just show blank ads instead. To fix this you must make sure that the website that you are trying to implement the code has sufficient content has a targeted niche.

Also see: How to Place Adsense Below Post Title in Blogger

4.  The Web Page is Violating their Policy
Adsense have stated in their program policy that website based on some niche should not apply for the program.
So if the discover that you have implemented your as code a website that is violating its policy, they tend to show blank ads on those websites. They Adsense team will them mail you and ask you to remove it or risk your account been ban.

5. Newly Accepted to the Program
If you just got accepted into the AdSense program and you are trying to implement the ad code on your website and you discover Adsense ads not showing, don't panic just relax , it takes a while before they finish compiling your account.
And if it's taking a longer time you can contact them directly or send theme a feedback.

6. Generated Ad code Might be Bigger than Ad Space
If you generated a 720*90 ad code and you are trying to put it on your side which can contain only 300*250, in most cases that would resolve to display blank ads.
You can fix it by generating the required ad size for a particular ad space.

I hope this article was Helpful?
Dont forget to share if you found a reason to.

How to Make your Entire Blog full width in Blogger

I just got a couple of E-mails recently from people asking me how they can increase their blog width. It was after that I then recalled when I was starting some years back that I use blogger simple blogger template, I noticed that it was not set to full screen, as I had blank spaces on the sidebars of my blog. I tried to change it myself, but my knowledge of coding was close to 0.
I didn't have any option to increase my entire blog width, So i had to change the template. I never know that all I had to do then was just a little editing on the HTML code to achieve what I wanted.

Increasing the Width of your Blogger Template
All we will have to do here is to edit the code of your template till we get our desired result.

1. First, we need to go to your Blogger Dashboard > Theme > Edit HTML
Then use CTRL+F to search for the following code

<b:skin> ... </b:skin>
2. In between <b:skin> and </b:skin> search for body, it’s one of the first codes. You’ll see code similar to

body {
  font: $(body.font);
  color: $(body.text.color);
  background: $(body.background);
  padding: 0 $(content.shadow.spread) $(content.shadow.spread) $(content.shadow.spread);
Change the 

padding: 0 $(content.shadow.spread) $(content.shadow.spread) $(content.shadow.spread);

padding: 0px;
3. Search for .content-inner. This is the section that wraps your header, navigations, posts, sidebar and footer. Search for it, skipping the variable section and find something that looks like

.content-inner { padding: $(content.padding) $(content.padding.horizontal); }
This is the code we talked about earlier. The $(content.padding) is defaulted to 10px and $(content.padding.horizontal) is 40px as set in the variable section. We want to remove this 40px padding that’s on either side of our content so that the header won’t have spaces. Change it to look like

.content-inner { padding: $(content.padding) 0px; }
or if you prefer

.content-inner { padding: 10px 0px; }
4. Now look for the section of your template below </b:skin> that looks like

<b:template-skin> ... </b:template-skin>
5. In between <b:template-skin> and </b:template-skin> search for .content-outer, .content-fauxcolumn-outer, .region-inner and find something similar to

.content-outer, .content-fauxcolumn-outer, .region-inner {
        min-width: $(content.width);
        max-width: $(content.width);
        _width: $(content.width);

max-width: $(content.width);

max-width: 100%;
this will change our blog width to be the full size of the browser.

6. Find

]]> </b:template-skin>
and add the follow code above it to change the main content area (posts + sidebar) your blog width and centred.

.main-outer { max-width: $(content.width);  margin: 0 auto; }

.main-outer { max-width: 1000px;  margin: 0 auto; }
7. Again find </b:skin> and add the following above it

.tabs-inner { padding: 0px; } .section { margin: 0px; } .header-inner .widget {margin: 0px; }
8. Save the template and visit your blog, you will noticed that will would be set to full screen on any browser and device. This has been tested on blogger themes like "simple template" and it worked perfectly.

Hope i was helpful and i solved your problem. Feel free to ask me anything in the comment section.

Friday, 5 May 2017

10 Reasons Why you Should Migrate your Blogspot Domain to a Custom Domain

Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world. They offer their users a free domain name ( which they can use for life without renewing it.
First of all, looking at that domain name above doesn't look healthy, I guess you're about to throw up right? A lot of bloggers have settled for the free domain given to them and they don't even have plans on migrating to a custom domain.

Reasons Why you Should Consider Buying a Custom Domain.

1. Makes you Look Professional
Looking at the domain name in the beginning of this post ( Imagine you were going to grade that domain with ( which will score the highest.
If it were I, the Blogspot domain will probably get a 10% which the custom domain will bang 99%. Why this? By just looking at the Blogspot domain it automatically says a lot of things about the blog. Your audience will be like "he is not a serious blogger", he can't even use his money to buy a custom domain so why trust anything he says". Am talking from what I have seen and heard.

2. It Shows Commitment
Like I said in the previous reason about looking professional, it also shows that you are committed to what you're doing which, which is trying to give the best information to your audience and believe me people love that feeling that they believe they are getting the maximum information.

3. It is Very Affordable
Blogging on blogger automatically means that you will save a bunch of money because you wouldn't have to host your blog again. It's already hosted on the google blogger platform.
There are places you can get really cheap domain names for even $0.99 dollars like 1&1.
I also recommend Godaddy and Namecheap, they are one of the most common and reliable when it comes to domain registration.
If you have quite a budget and you need something of top quality you can choose between Bluehost or Hostgator those are also good but know more for web hosting rather than domain registration.
I recommend any of these depending on your budget.

4. Easy to Recall your URL
Do you know that statistics shows that blog with longer URL tends to receive low traffic? Reason has been that it's usually very difficult for people to remember and pop-in their URL, they might just be getting referral traffic from social media and maybe search engine.
Imagine a blog with a URL like
You can see how long the URL is plus the addition of the has made the situation worse.
So you can save your URL the stress of carrying that on it.

5. Increases Search Engine Ranking
I have heard a lot about these and I believe it's real. How many times have you search for anything and I the first page of google and you see a domain?  Rarely right. Is it because of those with that Blogspot domain aren't writing and releasing useful information? No. 
It's just that google sees those blogs as not been serious, and I have noticed that even if the domain authority of a Blogspot URL is usually high, they still perform badly in SEO.

6. Having your Files BackedUp
Do you know that google has the right to delete any blog that the feel is violating their policy?
That is a major risk your blog on Blogspot is facing, in case it is deleted your works cannot be retrieved. But if you are using a custom domain like Bluehost, you will have the option to backup your files to their servers in case anything goes wrong.
And you can restore it on a new host with that same domain without losing your ranking.

7. Increases Chances of been Accepted to Advertisers Network
I have seen a lot of cases where advertisers don't even allow blogs on Blogspot to apply, For example, BuySell Ads stated it clearly in their publisher's signup page that blogs with host platform like Or should not even apply for they program. 
Even doesn't approve blogs with host platforms. So why reduce and limit yourself. Also with Adsense, if you get approved with a Blogspot domain, in order to show ads on your custom domain you will have to apply and pass through another series of application. But when using a custom domain, your URL already speakers for you to the advertisers that you are worth accepting into the program.

8. Increases Shares on Social Media
I have rarely seen a blog on Blogspot go viral. just because people don't see the blog as serious, so they just get the information they want if it's availably and bounce out. They will never share your content to their social account. Except the blog provided them with a real unique content before they can consider sharing. Planning to go viral? get a custom domain.

9. Increases Lead
This is the way we bloggers can monetize our blogs, by generating leads.
It's very difficult for a blog on to generate the maximum lead, unlike a blog with a custom domain because of the following reasons above.

10. Increases E-mail Subscribers
This and *8 (Increases shares on social media)  are similar for a blog with a Blogspot domain, people find it very difficult to subscribe. As they feel there is no need, maybe they will be thinking that your not a serious blogger and they believe that they won't have a reason to come back to your blog.

After reading this and you still believe there is no need to buy a custom domain, then let me know below, also if you feel I was helpful and you have questions, you can ask me below.
Don't forget to play your part by sharing with your friends on social media.